Hi, I’m a front-end developer with a background in textile and fashion design. Welcome to my portfolio. Here you will find a selection of my personal projects.

I currently work as a web developer at Liquid Light in Brighton, UK. I love to make beautiful, functional things that work well. Big fan of keeping things clean – kitchens, pavements, code.

codebar Brighton organiser


Unwrapping site for a birthday present. This was optimised to be viewed on the gift recipients mobile phone.

Real time weather app using Dark sky and Google Maps API’s. Allow the browser to see your location or get the latest in weather on Hawaii.

AJAX project using Nasa EPIC API data to view a daily image of the Earth from space. Unfortunately a short while after this was built, the NASA funding was cut from this mission and now the data updates... well, not quite daily.

CSS Canvas Spyhole. Refresh the page to change the speed of the hole.